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Stuart Community Concert Band, Inc.            CONSTITUTION


Article I. Name, Address, Mission Statement and Objectives


Section 1. Name

The name of this association shall be the Stuart Community Concert Band, Incorporated of Florida, hereinafter referred to as the Band.  The address of the band shall be 11323 Mountain Ash Circle, Port St. Lucie, FL  34987.  Registered Agent shall be Fred Gartner, President, Board of Directors.


Section 2.  Mission Statement

To Provide an opportunity for volunteer musicians to develop their musical skills and showcase their musical abilities by performing band music for the community.


Section 3. Objectives

  • To nurture band music as an important art form

  • To provide an environment for musicians to develop their musical skills

  • To preserve the heritage and promote the future of band music

  • To provide musical entertainment and education to the community

  • To support community special eventsTo provide support for the young musicians in the community


Article II. Band Members


Section 1. Membership

Any person in sympathy with the objectives of the Band and willing to fulfill the duties of membership may become a member of the Band.


Section 2. Dues, Fees, Fines, and Contributions

Each person, prior to being admitted to membership, shall pay an entrance fee, if necessary and required, and thereafter, any member dues, fees, fines, and contributions, if required, and as prescribed by the By-Laws.  Each new member will receive a copy of the Band’s Membership Guide.


Section 3. Suspension or Dismissal of Members

Any member who fails to conduct himself/herself in accordance with the Membership Guide may be suspended or dismissed.



Article III. Board Members, Election of Officers and Terms of Office


Section 1. Elected Board Members (Officers of the Band)

The voting members of the Governing Board of the Band (hereinafter known as the “Board”) shall consist of Band members elected to the following officer positions: President, Vice-President, Secretary, Treasurer, and a minimum of (3) Board of Directors.


Section 2. Appointed Board Members

The President, with the consent of the Board, may appoint replacement officers, trustees, or Members-at-Large to fill vacancies on the Board.


Other officers that may become necessary for the purposes of the Band may be appointed by the President, with the consent of the Board, to serve during the current calendar year.


The President, with the consent of the Board, may appoint non-voting officers to the Board as necessary.


Section 3. Past President

In addition to the officers and appointees listed in Section 1 and 2 of this Article, the immediate Past President shall continue to serve on the Board, as an Ex-Officio non-voting member, for the period of one year after leaving office, or longer, if approved by the Board.


Section 4. Election of Board Members

The Board Members of the Band shall be elected annually at such time and place provided by the By-Laws.


Section 5. Term of Office: Officers

The term of office for all officers of the Band, other than the Board of Directors, shall be for two year. Other than the Board of Directors, there shall be no limits upon consecutive terms in office.


Section 6. Term of Office: Board of Directors

The term of office for all Board of Directors shall be three (3) years. Board of Director terms of office shall be staggered such that one Board of Director position is elected each year.


Article IV. By-Laws


Section 1. Establishment and Contents of By-Laws

The terms and mode of admission to membership, the rights and duties of members and officers, the mode of supplying all vacancies, the time and place of meetings, the establishment of contributions, dues, fees, and all other policies concerning the administration and governance of this Band shall be established in By-Laws, provided that such By-Laws are not in conflict with the laws of the State of Florida.


Article V. Real Estate and Personal Property


Section 1. Ownership of Real and Personal Property

The Band, in its corporate capacity, may procure personal property necessary for the pursuance of the Band’s activities.


Article VI. Alteration or Amendment of the Constitution or By-Laws


Section 1. Proposed Alteration or Amendment of the Constitution

Proposed alteration(s) or amendment(s) to this Constitution or By-Laws shall be presented in writing at a meeting of the Board at which a quorum as described in Section 3 of this Article (VI.) is present.


Section 2. Enactment of Alterations or Amendments

Alterations or amendments to this Constitution may be enacted by a majority of Board members present at any subsequent meeting of the Board following the meeting at which the proposal was presented.


Section 3. Quorum Required

A quorum consisting of a majority of the members of the Board shall be present at any meeting when a proposal alteration or amendment of this Constitution is voted upon.  Proxy votes shall not be allowed for purposes of establishing a quorum.




Adopted:  11/05/2012

Revised/approved:  03/07/16

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