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                            Meet our director, James P. LeBon.


Mr. LeBon is originally from Pennsylvania and attended twelve years of Catholic school before starting at FSU in
1977.  During earning his Bachelor’s degree in music education, he studied clarinet with Harry Schmidt and Ted
Lane and arranging with Charlie Carter. He received his Bachelor’s degree in 1977 and Master’s
degree in Music Education in 1993.  

He has been a high school band director in northern Florida and southern Georgia for fourteen years before moving to Port St. Lucie nineteen years ago.  He has also taught at Dan McCarty Middle School for eleven years and is currently in his eighth year at Southport Middle School. Mr. LeBon has had a great deal of success with is students and is proud of the numerous superiors and excellent ratings they have achieved.

Along with his school responsibilities, Mr. LeBon is an adjudicator at FBA concerts as well as at solo and ensemble events.  He also has is an arranger and has his own publishing company producing works for marching band ensembles, as well as solo and ensemble pieces. " My wife and I started Emperor Music Press in 2004 to provide quality solo and ensemble works for younger musicians. We currently have eighty-five pieces on the solo and ensemble list of Florida, sixty-five pieces on the Maryland solo and ensemble list and eleven pieces on the New
York solo and ensemble list."

When Mr. LeBon has spare time, he plays clarinet and bass clarinet with the Port St. Lucie Community Band and the Stuart Community Concert Band, and is currently playing baritone sax with the Ambassadors of Swing. He also
plays bass clarinet with the Treasure Coast Wind Ensemble in Vero Beach every June.  I have a lot of experience playing pit orchestra jobs in the local community and I am also involved with holiday music making at Holy Family
Catholic Church in Port St. Lucie.

Mr. LeBon is quoted as saying, "A band is only as good as its members and that a great band has great players.  I think a community band needs to be an adult organization and play music that will attract a mature crowd. Quality literature attracts quality players to the band. A community band has to be fun for its members and a concert draw for the community.  It needs to seek out venues where its talents are appreciated and the band needs to be visible in the community.


On recruitment and retention, "Band members need to be recruited and current band members need to bring their friends to rehearsal to take a test drive in playing with a group once again."

"Band is a unique activity that I have enjoyed for over forty years.  I look forward every day to making music.  I am  proud to be the new director for the Stuart Community Concert Band.

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