Concert Dates and Themes for 2022-2023 Season

     Concert Date                                  Concert Title                                      Location              Time

October 23rd, 2022                    Children's Concert                                Women's Club     2:00PM October 30th, 2022          Around The World In 80 Minutes                  Kane Center       2:00PM

December 3rd, 2022               Holiday At The Movies                              Blake Library      11:00AM

December 3rd, 2022               Holiday At The Movies                              Blake Library       2:00PM

December 4th, 2022               Holiday At The Movies                               Kane Center       2:00PM

December 11th, 2022            Elliott Museum Car Show                          Elliott Museum    11:00AM

February 5th, 2023         The Beatles And The British Invasion              Kane Center       2:00PM

March 19th, 2023             Dance Around The Blarney Stone                  Kane Center       2:00PM

March 25th, 2023                  Pinellas Festival Of Bands                      Highlander Park  11:30-6:30

May 7th, 2023                        An Afternoon At The Opera                       Kane Center       2:00PM

May 12th, 2023               The Beatles And The British Invasion       Vitalia/Captiva Club  7:00PM


Blue Moon - arr. by Warren Barker
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Please note: The band does perform private concerts for communities and is available to perform at other functions as well. If you would like for the band to perform for your community event, please contact:

Mr. Fred Gartner - President  772-985-7492

Mr. John Thomas- Vice President - 304-553-3200

Mr. Jim LeBon - Musical Director  772-528-3343

or contact us via email at: